2012  Baird Head of the Rock
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Entries 1Mens Open 2-3Pair -M4Rowing
Entries 2Mens Collegiate 2-4Pair -M6Rowing
Entries 3Mens Masters 2- (27+)5Pair -M0Rowing
Entries 4Mens Masters 2- (37+)6Pair -M0Rowing
Entries 5Mens Masters 2- (48+)7Pair -M0Rowing
Entries 6Mens Masters 2- (60+)8Pair -M0Rowing
Entries 7Mens Jr 2-9Pair -M3Rowing
Entries 8Womens Jr 2-10Pair -W1Rowing
Entries 9Womens Open 2-11Pair -W0Rowing
Entries 10Womens Collegiate 2-12Pair -W12Rowing
Entries 11Womens Masters 2- (27+)13Pair -W1Rowing
Entries 12Womens Masters 2- (37+)14Pair -W0Rowing
Entries 13Womens Masters 2- (48+)15Pair -W0Rowing
Entries 14Womens Masters 2- (60+)16Pair -W0Rowing
Entries 15Mens Open Novice 1x17SingleM6Rowing
Entries 16Womens Open Novice 1x18SingleW4Rowing
Entries 17Mens Masters 1x (27+)19SingleM2Rowing
Entries 18Mens Masters 1x (37+)20SingleM5Rowing
Entries 19Mens Masters 1x (48+)21SingleM7Rowing
Entries 20Mens Masters 1x (60+)22SingleM7Rowing
Entries 21Womens Masters 1x (27+)23SingleW3Rowing
Entries 22Womens Masters 1x (37+)24SingleW4Rowing
Entries 23Womens Masters 1x (48+)25SingleW6Rowing
Entries 24Womens Masters 1x (60+)26SingleW3Rowing
Entries 25Womens Open 1x27SingleW3Rowing
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