2015  Marlow Regatta
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Results A Brassard, LouisIM2.8+20006/20/20154:40 PMOfficialFinalFinalRadley CollegeRadley College277Finished6:02.190
Results A Brassard, LouisIM2.8+20006/20/20159:54 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Radley CollegeRadley College277Finished5:44.758
Results Aarholt, ThomasIM1.4+20006/20/201511:01 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Wolfson Coll (O) BCWolfson Coll (O) BC433Finished6:43.819
Results Aarholt, ThomasIM1.4+20006/20/20156:10 PMOfficialFinalFinalWolfson Coll (O) BCWolfson Coll (O) BC533Finished6:57.413
Results Aarholt, ThomasIM2.4+20006/20/20159:34 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Wolfson Coll (O) BCWolfson Coll (O) BC833Finished6:38.936
Results Aarholt, ThomasIM2.4+20006/20/20153:50 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BWolfson Coll (O) BCWolfson Coll (O) BC233Finished7:07.067
Results Ab Ion Thomas, GarmonELI/SEN.2x20006/20/20155:35 PMOfficialFinalFinalCardiff CityCardiff City31BowFinished7:13.815
Results Ab Ion Thomas, GarmonELI/SEN.2x20006/20/201510:38 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Cardiff CityCardiff City31BowFinished6:59.652
Results Abbasi, AliELI.4+20006/20/20159:12 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 2Goldie BCGoldie BC74StrokeFinished6:13.233
Results Abbasi, AliELI.4+20006/20/20153:15 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BGoldie BCGoldie BC14StrokeFinished6:42.857
Results Abberton, FinnIM3.8+ (University)20006/20/201510:52 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Durham Univ BCDurham Univ BC38StrokeFinished6:00.085
Results Abberton, FinnIM3.8+ (University)20006/20/20155:55 PMOfficialFinalFinalDurham Univ BCDurham Univ BC48StrokeFinished6:17.835
Results Abrahams, TrentJ14A.8x+20006/20/20153:25 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BBedford SchBedford Sch233Finished7:27.209
Results Abrahams, TrentJ14A.8x+20006/20/20159:20 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Bedford SchBedford Sch833Finished6:52.550
Results Acton, GeorgeIM2.8+20006/20/20159:54 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1City of Bristol RCCity of Bristol RC744Finished5:54.965
Results Acton, GeorgeIM2.8+20006/20/20154:25 PMOfficialFinalFINAL DCity of Bristol RCCity of Bristol RC144Finished6:18.736
Results Adams, FelixJ15A.8+20006/20/20156:30 PMOfficialFinalFinalRadley CollegeRadley College40CoxswainFinished6:06.909
Results Adams, FelixJ15A.8+20006/20/201511:18 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Radley CollegeRadley College30CoxswainFinished6:20.383
Results Adams, JamesIM1.8+20006/20/20152:50 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BCantabrigianCantabrigian244Finished6:16.819
Results Adams, JamesIM1.8+20006/20/20158:58 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1CantabrigianCantabrigian944Finished5:46.553
Results Adams, NickIM1.4+20006/20/201511:01 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Southampton UnivSouthampton Univ533Finished6:44.183
Results Adams, NickIM1.4+20006/20/20156:10 PMOfficialFinalFinalSouthampton UnivSouthampton Univ433Finished6:52.646
Results Adams, NickIM2.4+20006/20/20153:50 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BSouthampton UnivSouthampton Univ133Finished7:04.989
Results Adams, NickIM2.4+20006/20/20159:34 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Southampton UnivSouthampton Univ733Finished6:38.147
Results Adams, PatrickSEN.8+20006/20/201511:36 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Eton CollEton Coll266Finished5:43.581
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