2015  Canadian Western Sprints Regatta
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Results Aarts, JacquesMaster Mens Single06/13/20157:12 AMOfficialHeatsHeatEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB11ScullerFinished4:02.160
Results Aarts, JacquesMaster Mens Single06/13/201510:20 AMOfficialFinalFinalEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB41ScullerFinished4:05.300
Results Aarts, JacquesMaster Mens Double06/13/20158:00 AMOfficialHeatsHeatEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB32StrokeFinished3:55.730
Results Aarts, JacquesMaster Mens Double06/13/20151:40 PMOfficialFinalFinalEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB52StrokeFinished3:54.070
Results Aarts, JacquesMaster Mens Quad06/13/20153:16 PMOfficialFinalFinalEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB033Scratch 
Results Aman, SuhaibNovice Mens Quad06/13/20151:32 PMOfficialFinalFinalEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB31BowFinished3:54.700
Results Aman, SuhaibNovice Mens Single06/13/20158:40 AMOfficialHeatsHeatEDMONTON ROWING CLUBEDMONTON ROWING CLUB01ScullerScratch 
Results Anderson-Young, JpOpen Mens Quad06/13/20153:56 PMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB633Finished3:41.700
Results Anderson-Young, JpNovice Mens Quad06/13/20151:32 PMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB233Finished3:46.500
Results Anderson-Young, JpOpen Mens Four06/13/201510:12 AMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB433Finished3:53.000
Results Arich, EmilyOpen Womens Eight06/13/20154:20 PMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB633Finished4:03.700
Results Arich, EmilyJunior Womens Double06/13/20158:08 AMOfficialHeatsHeatCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB41BowFinished4:20.000
Results Arich, EmilyJunior Womens Single06/13/20151:00 PMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB51ScullerFinished4:24.600
Results Arich, EmilyJunior Womens Single06/13/20157:44 AMOfficialHeatsHeatCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB31ScullerFinished11.863
Results Arich, EmilyJunior Womens Quad06/13/20153:32 PMOfficialFinalFinalCALGARY ROWING CLUBCALGARY ROWING CLUB41BowFinished3:57.100
Results Ashique, WisamNovice Mens Single06/13/20158:32 AMOfficialHeatsHeatREGINA ROWING CLUBREGINA ROWING CLUB31ScullerFinished5:02.000
Results Asmundson, AleiiaJunior Womens Pair06/13/201510:36 AMOfficialFinalFinalREGINA ROWING CLUBREGINA ROWING CLUB42StrokeFinished4:31.300
Results Asmundson, AleiiaJunior Womens Single06/13/20151:00 PMOfficialFinalFinalREGINA ROWING CLUBREGINA ROWING CLUB61ScullerFinished4:27.000
Results Asmundson, AleiiaJunior Womens Single06/13/20157:36 AMOfficialHeatsHeatREGINA ROWING CLUBREGINA ROWING CLUB21ScullerFinished4:25.000
Results Barrington, BrettOpen Mens Single06/13/20158:48 AMOfficialHeatsHeatSASKATOON ROWING CLUBSASKATOON ROWING CLUB41ScullerFinished1.551
Results Barrington, BrettOpen Mens Double06/13/20151:48 PMOfficialFinalFinalSASKATOON ROWING CLUBSASKATOON ROWING CLUB31BowFinished3:41.900
Results Barrington, BrettOpen Mens Quad06/13/20153:56 PMOfficialFinalFinalSASKATOON ROWING CLUBSASKATOON ROWING CLUB21BowFinished3:13.500
Results Bernier, AlecOpen Mens Double06/13/20151:48 PMOfficialFinalFinalWINNIPEG ROWING CLUBWINNIPEG ROWING CLUB51BowFinished3:59.600
Results Bernier, AlecOpen Mens Quad06/13/20153:56 PMOfficialFinalFinalWINNIPEG ROWING CLUBWINNIPEG ROWING CLUB433Finished3:17.300
Results Bernier, AlecNovice Mens Quad06/13/20151:32 PMOfficialFinalFinalWINNIPEG ROWING CLUBWINNIPEG ROWING CLUB433Finished4:03.500
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